The PCGerda format

The PCGerda format is an open format developed to exchange shallow geophysical data. This exchange format must be used when uploading electrical and electromagnetic data types (Wenner, Schlumberger, PACES, MEP, TEM and SkyTEM) to the Geophysical Database.

A PCGerda database contains a subset of the information of the Geophysical Database.Compared to the uploaded database the downloaded database also contains aggregated information about the dataset (number of point in profile, min. and max. values for RhoA, etc.).

PCGerda databases can be downloaded on the Interbase / Firebird format.

The PCGerda data model is described here and a diagram of the model is available here

When uploading new data it essential to follow these naming conventions for projects,data sets, interpretations, instrument etc.

How to structure PCGerda database with Model Editions is described here