Feltnavn Obligatorisk Beskrivelse datatype længde præcision kodeliste
INSTRUMENT x Identification of an individual geophysical instrument e.g. dk.watertech.protem47d.2.b VARCHAR2 64 0
TYPE Identification of the type of geophysical instrument, e.g. com.geonics.protem47d-receiver VARCHAR2 64 0
SERIALNO Instrument serial no. VARCHAR2 64 0
REVISION Comment on changes in software or hardware which have lead to a new revision no. VARCHAR2 64 0
SWVERS Version of instrument software VARCHAR2 128 0
LONGTEXT Description of the indivial geophysical instrument VARCHAR2 128 0
NOTE Notes (comments) about the individual geophysical instrument. VARCHAR2 254 0
INSERTDATE Date and time when record was inserted into the Gerda-database DATE 7 0
INSERTUSER Username of person who created the record in the GERDA database VARCHAR2 30 0
UPDATEDATE Date and time for the last change in the record. DATE 7 0
UPDATEUSER Username of person who last changed the record in the GERDA database VARCHAR2 30 0
SORTNO Internal GERDA number used sorting the records. NUMBER 8 0