Feltnavn Obligatorisk Beskrivelse datatype længde præcision kodeliste
DATASET x Internal Id (in GEUS' Gerda-database) of Dataset NUMBER 8 0
CURVENO x Log curve numbered as the log value columns in the LAS file. NUMBER 4 0
LOGTYPE x Log type given as unique GERDA logtype. The allowed log types are shown here. VARCHAR2 64 0 GER$LOGTYPE_LIST
LOGNAME Log type named as used by the logging company. VARCHAR2 64 0
DESCRIPTION x Short description of the log type. VARCHAR2 128 0
UNIT x Unit for the values in LogData.Value VARCHAR2 20 0
MINDEPTH Minimum depth in m (or time in s in time mode) of the log curve. NUMBER 8 3
MAXDEPTH Maximum depth in m (or time in s in time mode) of the log curve. NUMBER 8 3
DISCHARGE Discharge of pump running during the logging operation. Unit in m3/hr. NUMBER 5 2
VELOCITY Logging velocity in m/min. NUMBER 4 1
DIRECTION x Flag indicating the logging direction. Allowed flags are Up, Down, TimeMode and Unknown. VARCHAR2 4 0 GER$LOGDIRECTION_LIST
NOTE Notes about if and how the log is filtrated and if other processing have been carried out. VARCHAR2 254 0
DATAFILE Not used at present. VARCHAR2 254 0
SAMPLEINTERVAL Sampling interval in m used collecting the log. NUMBER 8 4
PUMPDEPTH Depth in m of pump given from the depth reference point. NUMBER 6 2
BHFLUIDDEPTHPUMP Depth in m of groundwater table or borehole fluid if pumping carried out during the logging operation NUMBER 6 2