Felter i LOGHEA

Feltnavn Obligatorisk Beskrivelse datatype længde præcision kodeliste
DATASET x Internal Id (in GEUS' Gerda-database) of Dataset NUMBER 8 0
BOREHOLENO x DGU borehole no by which the borehole is registered in the Jupiter-database. VARCHAR2 10 0
STRINGNO String no in a developed well. The string no should refer to an existing string registered to Jupiter. NUMBER 2 0
BSYNO Alternative borehole name. E.g., borehole name used in the planing or locally in the well field. VARCHAR2 64 0
WELLCONDITION x Flag for the well condition. The value 0 indicate that the logging done in an open hole, value -1 indicates that the logging is done a temporary casing, the value -2 indicates that the state of the borehole is unknown and values >0 that the logging is done in a cased well. VARCHAR2 64 0 GER$LOGWELLCONDITION_LIST
DEPTHREF x Flag for depth reference point. Allowed flags are Ground (ground surface), TopCasing (top of casing), TopString (top of string) TopKellyBushing (top of "bundklemme" on the drilling rig), BoreholeFixPoint (Jupiter borehole fix point), Sea Level (depth = negative height measured realative to mean sea level), Reference Point and Other. VARCHAR2 1 0
REFPOELEVA Elevation in m of the depth reference point in LogHea.DepthRef. NUMBER 8 3
REFPOSOURCE Flag that states the method used determining the elevation in LogHea.RefPoEleva. Allowed flags are Other(A), Echosouncer(E), MapField(F), GPS(G), DigitalTerrainModel(H), MapOffice(K), LevelledElevation(N), DGPS(P). VARCHAR2 1 0
MINDEPTH Minimum depth in m (or time in s in time mode) of all logs in the dataset. NUMBER 8 3
MAXDEPTH Maximum depth in m (or time in s in time mode) of all logs in the dataset. NUMBER 8 3
DATASTEP Sampling interval (depth increment in m or time increment in s) of the log values in the LogData table. NUMBER 8 3
NOTE Notes general for all logs in the dataset, which can be important in the interpretation of the logs. VARCHAR2 254 0
DATAFILE Field reserved for data file with log curves that cannot be expressed in LAS format. VARCHAR2 254 0
DURINGDRILL Flag indicating whether the log is sampled during the drilling operation, as it is the case for e.g., Ellog or CPT. Allowed flags are Y and N VARCHAR2 4 0
DRILLERSDEPTH Borehole depth in m given by the driller. NUMBER 8 3
BHFLUID Flag indicating the type of borehole fluid. Allowed flag are: Water, Mud and Unknown. VARCHAR2 64 0 GER$LOGBHFLUID_LIST
BHFLUIDADDED List of type and amount of mud added to the borehole fluid. VARCHAR2 1024 0
BHFLUIDDEPTH Depth in m to groundwater table or borehole fluid during the logging period (without pumping). NUMBER 7 2
HEIGHTSYS x Flag indicating the height system used for the given elevations. The allowed flags are DVR90 for Dansk Vertikal Reference 1990 and DNN for Dansk Normal Nul. VARCHAR2 16 0 GEN$HEIGHTSYSTEM_LIST
NULLVAL The null value given by the Las file VARCHAR2 12 0