Feltnavn Obligatorisk Beskrivelse datatype længde præcision kodeliste
EDITION x Internal Id (in GEUS' Gerda-database) of Edition NUMBER 8 0
IDENT x Identification of the Model Edition. The unique string is constructed by: project-ident.datatypes.refmodel.modelsubtype.discrete/smooth.noprior/prior.name where one chooses between discrete or smooth and noprior or prior, respectively as well as give a name e.g., the number of layers and an additional description of the model edition combined with _. Se also this document. VARCHAR2 256 0
MODSUBTYPE x Type of 1D or 2D model. For 1D models the ModSubType are identical to OneDVMod.ModTSubype and for 2D Models it is identical to TwoDVMod.ModSubType VARCHAR2 64 0 GER$MODELSUBTYPE_LIST
EDITIONDATE x Date the Edition is created DATE 7 0
MODELPARAMETERISATION x Code indicating the model parametrization. The code 0 identifies smooth (multi-layer) models and 1 discrete (few-layer) models NUMBER 1 0
PRIO x Code indicating whether a priori information is included in the inversion. The code 0 identifies models without a priori information and 1 models with a priori information NUMBER 1 0
NOTE Comments on the Model Edition that describes how the models in this Edition are set up VARCHAR2 1024 0