Feltnavn Obligatorisk Beskrivelse datatype længde præcision kodeliste
DATASET Internal ID (in GEUS' Gerda-database) of Dataset NUMBER 8 0
POSITION Positions numbered in order recorded. NUMBER 22 0
GATENO The gate number, which relates to SKYSEGTIMES.SEQUENCE NUMBER 8 0
PROCSEQ Processing sequence NUMBER 6 0
TEMSEGNO Segment number, which relates to SKYSEG.TEMSEGNO NUMBER 8 0
DBDT Average dbdt values. The dBdt value is normalized by: dbdt_ave=(dbdt*SkySegTimes.GFactor*SkySeg.FieldShiftF*SkySeg.InstrumentF+SkySeg.FieldShiftC)/Current/SkySeg.TXArea, where dbdt and Current are SkyDatVal.BLOBVAL-data CODE=481 and CODE=493. FLOAT 126 0
DBDTSTD The standard deviation on the datavalue. It is a relative uncertainty (one standard deviation) on data given as a factor. FLOAT 126 0
QUALITY Data quality indicator. Flag 3 indicates that the data value is not in use (the data value is deleted) and flag 1 indicates that the data value is in use. NUMBER 6 0
SEQUENCE Measurements numbered in order recorded. NUMBER 8 0