Felter i WENNDAT

Feltnavn Obligatorisk Beskrivelse datatype længde præcision kodeliste
DATASET Internal Id (in GEUS' Gerda-database) of Dataset NUMBER 8 0
POSITION x Positions numbered 1, 2, 3, ... in order recorded NUMBER 8 0
SEQUENCE x Measurement numbered 1, 2, 3, ... in order recorded. NUMBER 4 0
A x Distance in metres between the electrodes NUMBER 8 3
RHOA x Apparent resistivity in Ohmm NUMBER 12 3
STANDEVI Relative uncertainty (one standard deviation) on data given as a factor. The absolute uncertainty (length of error bar) on the datum is found by multiplying and dividing the datum by the factor, respectively NUMBER 4 3
FOCUSDEPTH Pseudo focus depth in metres. Apparent resistivity is focused around this depth for a homogeneous halfspace. NUMBER 8 3
TXCURRENT Transmitter current in A NUMBER 6 4
SETTINGS Settings. Used to store information (specific to the measurement) which cannot be covered by the specific field in the table. VARCHAR2 254 0
NOTE Notes (comments) about the data. VARCHAR2 254 0